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100% Original Relx Pod | Relx refill with Warranty

100% ORIGINAL RELX Pod / Refill Pod 100% ORIGINAL 100% READY STOCK ALL ITEM IS READY STOCK!!!RELX Refill Pods: 1 box comes with 3 pcs of podsIts very easy to use-just insert the pod into the RELX Device and enjoy RELX Each Pod contain 2ml of e-Juice which is around 500-750 puffs.(Depend on how many seconds per puff)Warranty Terms REFILL PODS: -leaking when receive can exchange -unopened aluminium foil(all 3 pod) -once open aluminium foil no warranty(any 1 pod) -All warrant..

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NanoPODs NanoSTIX 4pcs Replacement Cartridges(New Editions)

NEW Edition! Now every pack comes with 4x pods! Elegant packaging by NanoSTIX! NanoPODS is the replacement POD cartridges for NanoSTIX starter Kit.Graple - A blend of two sweet and refreshing flavors, grape and apple is a perfect match. Using high quality ingredients provides a stronger throat hit, without losing out on the flavor. A perfect flavor for those looking for something cooling. Try it today!Strawberry Apple - The newest addition to the Nanostix family, the Strawberry Apple ..

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NanoStix StarterKits Pack + 4xFree PODs **Original**

Introducing NanoSTIX – the revolutionary closed system vaping device combining NanoNIC technology to guarantee vapour satisfaction and efficient nicotine delivery every time. The Nanostix by Fantasi brings you the next evolution in smoking devices. Small, compact and easy to use, the Nanostix is perfect for those moving from cigarettes and the usual nicotine strength in vaping is not sufficient. Each Nanostix starter kit also comes with 4 flavors (Strawberry Vanilla, Coffee Hazelnut, Grape &..

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