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12 May Why Dry Test?
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before install a mobile phone replacement lcd, it is important that you DRY TEST the LCD prior to fitting it into the chassis (before pressing the LCD down into the frame.)By "Dry Testing" we mean only connecting the digitizer and LCD cables, and powering up the device without any glue, fitment and without open any protective film. The same as conn..
11 May What is LCD Inner Crack?
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Vertical lines displaying on the screen (as shown in the picture below) is always a direct result of LCD panel that has cracked. The most common occurrence for this kind of crack, is during installation, or pressure damage.To better understand of these, it's worth to explain how a mobile phone LCD and Digitizer Assembly's are built, including the m..
05 Aug How to Replace iPhone LCD
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iPhone 5 iphone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 plus iPhone 6siPhone 6s plusiPhone 7iPhone 7 plus..
05 Aug How to Replace Battery Iphone
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iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iphone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 plus iPhone 6siPhone 7iPhone 7 plus..
05 Aug Shipment Tracking
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Track your shipment in this pagePlease been inform you only able to track the shipment status after 24 hour~48 hour. Enter Tracking Number Here:  function inputTrack() { var num = document.getElementById("TrackNo").value; if(num===""){ alert("Please enter tracking number"); return; } TrackButton.track({ ..
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