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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

  • Mobile Replacement Part/Sparepart
    1. Please contact Broshop before you pos any product for warranty claim. Please be informed product that posted back to Broshop, if you do not contact us before you make a postage, we apologize here because the warranty claim will not be entertained.
    2. For warranty claims, please ensure that our warranty sticker is still in good condition, the warranty will be canceled once the warranty sticker has been removed, torn or lost.
    3. For LCD and Touchscreen Board, Please make sure the plastic protector located at the front and back and warranty sticker are still in good condition.
    4. Please be advised that please test the LCD and Touchscreen Board before you remove the warranty sticker, Plastic protector and fix it completely to the phone. If the LCD or Touchscreen Board is found(warranty sticker, front & back sticker protector has been found opened, founded glue/gum effect or 3m tape, or damage during your own installation), and also when you are confirm that the sparepart(which you buy) and installation has been made completely. the warranty will be automatically void.
    5. For other spareparts, please check whether the spareparts are working or not within 48 hours of getting your item from courrier company, if you found a problem, please contact us within 48 hours.
    6. Please be inform that there are some spareparts such as IC, mic, speakers and others that require soldering or blowing job, the warranty will be void if you already use it.
    7. Please be inform that the product sent for warranty claim are not allowed to make a exchange to another product or refund, we only allow to claim on the same product.

  • SecondHand Smartphone
    1. Please be advised that we will send picture of the phone in working condition before we making shipment as to confirm and for the purpose for proof of the phone that you purchase are in working & good condition.
    2. Warranty will be void if you making flash/format on our SecondHand Smartphone.
    3. Warranty will be void immediately for water damage(the phone you purchased has water damage from your side).
    4. Warranty will be void if our warrant sticker has been broken/torn/break/lost.
    5. our warranty does not cover the scratched or broken LCD and Touchscreen caused by your own negligence.(please refer to the "FAQ tab on secondhand smartphone product for more information).
    6. We guarantee the Secondhand Smartphone that we supply/sell have no ID Lock/Sim Lock/Telco Lock, for ID Lock/Sim Lock/Telco Lock case due to your negligence. We are sorry that the warranty will be void.

  • New Set Smartphone Section
    1. Warranty given is 1 year..
    2. Any warranty issues please refer to their respective brand center.
    3. For more information about New set smartphone warranty, please refer to the "FAQ" tab of the product.

  • Accessories Section
    1. Warranty for accesories are depends on the product. Some accesories are not qualified for warranty. For more information please refer to the "FAQ" tab of the product.

    *We assume you have agreed to our warranty policy as mentioned above if you have successfully purchased from Broshop(